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Kevin Arnold Kevin Arnold

Kevin Arnold

Kevin Arnold is a poet, teacher, and fiction writer from Portola Valley, CA. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from San Jose State University, 2007. Kevin served as President, Poetry Center San Jose, 2000-2012. In the last year, he's published in Slippery Elm, Fresh Hot read, Wine, Cheese and Chocolate, the Willow Glen Poetry Project and as had three stories in Fault Line.

His novel, The Sureness of Horses, is being serialized on a literary website called USREPRESENTED, where he writes a weekly column called "Kevin's Much-Loved Poems. Based on a story extracted from one of his novel, the San Franciso/Peninsula California's Writers' Club named him Writer of the Year, 2014- 2016

Nineteen Poems and Beyond

Nineteen Poems and Beyond

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